Top ten Social Networking Sites (Source Wikipedia)

Name Description Registered Users Registration
Facebook General 400,000,000 Open to people 13 Years and up
Qzone General. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users 200,000,000 Open to the General Public
Habbo General for teens. Over 31 communities worldwide. Chat Room and user profiles. 162,000,000 Open to people 13 and older
MySpace General. HTML based site. 130,000,000 Open to ages 13 and up.
Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 120,000,000 Open
Orkut General. Owned by Google Inc. Popular in Brazil and increasing, in India. 100,000,000 Open to people 18 and older, (Google login)
Friendster General. Popular in Southeast Asia. No longer popular in the western world 90,000,000 Open to people 16 and older. No children allowed
hi5 General. Popular in India, Portugal, Mongolia, Thailand, Romania, Jamaica, Central Africa and Latin America. Not popular in the USA. 80,000,000 Open to people 13 and older. No children allowed
Twitter General. Micro-blogging, RSS, updates 75,000,000 Open
Vkontakte Social Network for Russian-speaking world including former Soviet republics. Biggest site in Russia 72,225,077 open

List of Social Media and Social Networking Sites (Source Traffikd)**

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